BBC Radio 4 Crossing Continents Alpa Shah presents a 30 min radio documentary on India's Maoist-inspired Naxalites

BBC Radio 4 From Our Own Correspondent Alpa Shah reports on Adivasis driven out by anti-Maoist militia.

BBC News ‘“Sleepwalking” with India’s Maoist guerrillas.’ A taste of Alpa Shah’s Nightmarch

A visual exhibition curated by Simon Chambers and Alpa Shah, London and Turin, 2018-2019.

The Guardian reviews Nightmarch by Alpa Shah ‘An exceptional undertaking…’ Julia Lovell (09/18)

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Times of India reports on Nightmarch making the Orwell Prize 2019 longlist.


First Post writes Kamladevi Chattopadhyay New India Foundation Book Prize shortlists Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

The six-book shortlist features works demonstrating the power of free speech in the country.

The New Left Review reviews Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘She offers neither condemnation nor romanticization, but a considered analysis of the ‘experiences, visions and actions’ of the people she encounters, presenting not only what they say, but what they do. The result is a powerful synthesis, warm but never uncritical, a distillation of her own scholarship and the experiences of her subjects, that immerses the reader in a lifeworld.’ Kheya Bag. (08/2019)

New Books Network interviews Alpa Shah about ‘Ground Down by Growth’

‘Analytical rigor paired with lucid prose makes this co-researched and co-authored book indispensable for scholars and citizens concerned with the Global South, inequality, capitalism, economic growth, and social difference.’ (08/2019)

The Wire reviews Alpa Shah’s Nightmarch

‘A riveting and complex view of Naxalism…it is a privilege to have Shah as the investigator.’ (08/2019)

The Indian Express interviews Alpa Shah in the aftermath of Nightmarch being shortlisted for the Orwell Prize.

‘An astonishing journey. A rare, granular portrait.’ (07/2019)

Asian Age reviews Alpa Shah’s Nightmarch

‘Can an academic study also double up as a riveting thriller? … Alpa Shah has managed this seemingly impossible amalgam.’ (07/2019)

La Stampa reviews Alpa Shah’s ‘Marcia Notturna’

‘A thoughtful and balanced account.’ (07/2019)

Alphabeta2 reviews Alpa Shah’s ‘Marcia Notturna’

‘With great empathy and superb narrative ability, …[Shah] analyses, documents, reflects.’ (07/2019)

Q Code and Altreconomia reviews Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’ (Italian translation)

‘A unique document, a story from below of the Naxalite movement and the adivasi culture, which the author gives voice to in an intimate and brilliant text.’ (07/2019)

Business Standard reviews Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

As [Alpa Shah] describes how she walked, sometimes sleepwalked, with the Naxalites, we, the readers march along with her, alert and in awe as we turn each page.’ (06/2019)

The News Laundry reviews Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘Nightmarch: an intimate journey into India’s Naxal heartlands’ (06/2019)

Firstpost interviews Alpa Shah about ‘Nightmarch’

‘Alpa Shah on Nightmarch, her Orwell Prize-longlisted account of journeying into India’s Naxal heartland.’(05/2019)

She The People presents an excerpt from Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘The camp tailor stitched a uniform for me on the day of departure. Olive-green shirt and trousers, too large for my waist, were held by a belt. Would Bimalji approve of this attire that drowned my femininity?’ (05/2019)

Readers Digest India presents an excerpt from Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘How My Interaction With A Naxal Leader Changed The Way I Looked At Naxalites’ (04/2019)

H-net reviews ‘Ground Down by Growth’ coauthored by Alpa Shah

The authors have drawn on several years of fieldwork for their chapters, evident in the rich and nuanced ethnographical analysis.’ (02/2019)

The Voice of Fashion reviews Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘In a rebellion, you don’t just wear camouflage’ (01/2019)

News18 interviews Alpa Shah about ‘Nightmarch’

‘Meet the Woman Who Marched with a Naxal Platoon In the Tribal Belt of Central India’ (01/2019)

Scroll.in presents an excerpt from Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘How an anthropologist disguised herself as a man to trek 240 km with a Maoist platoon’ (12/2018)

The Hindustan Times presents an excerpt from Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘In 2010, Alpa Shah, dressed as a man in military fatigues set out on a seven-night march with a naxal platoon. While her book looks at dispossession and the conflict at the heart of India, this excerpt also reveals how upper caste leaders police the relationships of tribal foot soldiers.’ (12/2018)

Sri Lanka Guardian interviews Alpa Shah about ‘Nightmarch’

‘I went to live among the Adivasis by chance. But later I realized how lucky I had been because as single woman I had the freedom to move and do research that I could not have done in most other parts of India.’ (12/2018)

Australian SBS Radio Raymond Selvaraj interviews Alpa Shah on ‘Nightmarch’

‘Are India’s Naxalites fighting for a doomed cause?’ (12/2018)

BBC Asian Network interviews Alpa Shah about ‘Nightmarch’

Talk Europe Radio interviews Alpa Shah about ‘Nightmarch’

The News Minute presents an excerpt from Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘The ‘city’ in the middle of a forest’ (11/2018)

BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed interviews Alpa Shah about ‘Nightmarch’

‘Maoism: Laurie Taylor explores the changing face of a revolutionary ideology.’ (11/2018)

The Assam Tribune on Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘This social scientist has done something that many of her peers and contemporaries never even dared to consider’ (11/2018)

The Hindu reviews Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

Nightmarch: A journey into India’s Naxal Heartlands review: The people of a movement (11/2018)

LSE Public Event: Revolution and Freedom: Nightmarch Among India's Revolutionary Guerrillas

Alpa Shah and Neel Mukherjee discuss ‘Nightmarch’ alongside ‘A State of Freedom’. Chaired by Beverley Skeggs (11/2018)

BBC News presents a taste of Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘“Sleepwalking” with India’s Maoist guerrillas.’ (10/2018)

Times of India interviews Alpa Shah on ‘Nightmarch’

‘Branding people as Urban Naxals is a way of discrediting, silencing them’, says LSE scholar Alpa Shah (09/2018)

The Guardian reviews Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘An exceptional undertaking…’ Julia Lovell (09/2018)

Public Anthropologist recommends Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’ as an “everybody must read” book for September 2018

‘In this vibrant piece of anthropological work, Shah takes us into one of the most unreported rebellions in contemporary India with wisdom and courage.’ (09/2018)

Foreign Policy presents an extract from Alpa Shah’s ‘Nightmarch’

‘India’s Aging Guerrillas Still Believe in the Struggle’ (09/2018)

Pix reviews Exhibition: ‘Behind the Indian Boom’

‘It re-focuses our attention on the value of visual raw data and its relationship to scholarship for constructing debates’ (07/2018)

The Hindu reviews ‘Ground Down by Growth’ coauthored by Alpa Shah

‘Field work of a group of social researchers shows economic growth hasn’t really benefitted the poorest of the poor, Dalits and Adivasis’ (05/2018)

BBC World Service interviews Alpa Shah on her co-authored book ‘Ground Down by Growth’

Alpa Shah discussing inequality in India with Michael Binyon and Shoma Chowdhry (12/2017)

Eastern Eye reviews Exhibition: ‘Behind the Indian Boom’

“Caste-based inequality is not a thing of the past. It is in fact part of the structure of advancements.” (12/2017)

The Hindu reviews reviews Exhibition: ‘Behind the Indian Boom’

‘A thought-provoking exhibition in London provides a snapshot of those left furthest behind.’ (12/2017)

BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

Alpa Shah discusses the BBC Radio 4 Ethnography Award Shortlist with other judges Laurie Taylor, Sarah Neal and Shane Blackman (04/2017)

BBC Radio 4 Series ‘From Savage to Self’

Alpa Shah discusses with participant observation and anthropology with Farah Jarral (01/2016)

BBC Radio 4 Alpa Shah presents at Four Thought.

Reflections on democracy, mining and development for tribal people (12/2015)

BBC Radio 4 Alpa Shah reports for From Our Own Correspondent

Alpa Shah reports on Adivasis driven out by anti-Maoist militia re-building lives in the forests of Central India. (05/2015, Five minutes from 12.44). Also broadcast on BBC World Service.

BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

Alpa Shah discusses political and spiritual convictions in an age of uncertainty with Laurie Taylor and Mathijs Pelkmans (01/2014)

BBC Radio 4 Thinking Allowed

Alpa Shah discusses ‘Red Tape’ - inequality and bureaucracy - with Laurie Taylor and Akhil Gupta (12/2012)

Economics and Political Weekly

Alpa Shah interviews Gopali, Special Area Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) (05/2010)

BBC Radio 4 Alpa Shah presents the 30 minute documentary Crossing Continents

Alpa Shah records and presents ‘India’s Red Belt.’ Also broadcast on BBC World Service ‘Assignments Series’ on (04/2010)

BBC Radio 4 Alpa Shah reports for From Our Own Correspondent (01/05/2010)

Alpa Shah reports on Maoist rebels in India’s jungles. Also broadcast on BBC World Service (04/2010)

Resonance 104.4 FM Alpa Shah presents a chapter from her book ‘In the Shadows of the State’

‘Is Yosemite a better home for the wild elephants of India?’ (08/2008)